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Everything you need to know about tire sealant for cars

Tips & Advice for Car, SUV & Van tires

Please remember that car tire sealant spray, like other forms of puncture repair, is a temporary solution and is not recommended for driving long distances or at high speeds (above 80 km/h). The risk is that the tire has been damaged during a run flat or at very low pressure before the sealant repairs the leak and restores pressure.

If your tires are damaged, seek a professional opinion as soon as possible.

Here we take a look at everything you need to know about car tire sealant spray, how to use it, what the benefits are, and how far and fast you can drive after using it.

What is car tire sealant spray?

From driving over a nail to a surprise crack in the rubber, it’s easy to find yourself with an unexpected car tire puncture. But other than replacing your tire with a spare, did you know there’s an easy and immediate way to temporarily repair your puncture, with no tools required, so you can get back on the roads and make your way?

Tire sealant, also known as tire weld, is a popular emergency puncture repair solution, a spray to stop leaks that is often used by car manufacturers that now include it alongside or instead of a spare tire.

You should also know that some tire manufacturers offer tires with pre-puncture sealant directly injected into the tires, such as Michelin’s Selfseal technology. It fixes flats before they happen. It will automatically seal over the hole, preventing air leakage and maintaining pressure so you can continue driving.

Tire sealant comes in a spray can that helps seal leaks in the tire in case of a puncture. Car tire sealant spray is designed to be used after a puncture has occurred. It is injected into the tire through the valve, then once it has solidified, you can continue driving. However, after driving for a while, make sure to check the tire pressure and if necessary, to bring it back to the prescribed level.

Who is tire sealant spray useful to?

As one of the easiest and most affordable forms of emergency car puncture repair, this spray to stop leaks is a useful product for anyone to have in their car. It is a helpful temporary alternative if you don’t have a spare tire to hand. It can help you move your car to a safer location after a flat tire or go to the nearest garage for professional advice.

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Where can you buy car tire sealant spray?

The spray to seal leaks is extremely accessible and sold in a wide range of places, including at garages and online retailers.

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How do you use tire sealant spray?

The spray to stop leaks usually comes in a pressurised aerosol can and is applied through the tire valve. To use it, follow the instructions on the spray can as advised.

Although spray to seal leaks on tires is usually simple to use, it’s important to find a safe place to do so. Park your car in a secure location away from traffic or other potential dangers and be sure to put high-visibility clothing on before installing your Emergency Warning Triangle to warn other drivers you are stationed on the roadside. Once the sealant has been added and cured, make sure to check your tire pressure whenever possible

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How much tire sealant should you use?

One can of sealant contains a single application and cannot be re-used. In order to obtain the correct pressure level, the aerosol must be completely emptied into the tire to be repaired. In general, the anti-puncture fluid dries in the tube and makes the spray can unusable if it still contains a little fluid.

Make sure to replace your sealant after use in case you get caught out in the future and check the expiry date if it’s been a while since purchase.

How fast can you drive with tire sealant?

A spray to seal leaks is only a temporary solution and should not be used for driving long distances or at high speeds above 80 km/h without checking your tires with a professional beforehand.

Should I replace my tire after using car tire sealant?

It is recommended to have your tire checked by a professional. It could potentially be damaged by running flat. The professional will be able to decide if the tire needs to be replaced.

What other anti-puncture solutions are available?

The spray to stop leaks is one of numerous solutions for dealing with a punctured tire. Here is a brief overview of some alternatives that are available:

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