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Do I need to know how to check tire manufacture codes?

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A common misconception is that the fresher your tires, the higher their quality. However, there are more factors than the date of manufacture that impact your tire’s performance and lifespan. This article will explain the importance of your tire production date, and how to check tire manufacture date, and whether brand-new is really better

Are newly made tires better?

You might have been told that you should only buy tires that are within 1 year from the manufacturing date. However, this isn’t necessarily reliable advice.  

Fresh tires aren’t automatically better than tires 2 years after the manufacture date. Generally, a tie bought 1-2 years after the tire manufacture date is still considered very fresh. 

In fact, studies performed in Korea, Germany and Saudi Arabia demonstrated that there was no difference in performance between newly manufactured tires and unused tires that have been correctly stored for 3 years. When stored properly, most tires retain the same qualities for up to 5 years. 

These tire markings give you important information about tire usage or replacement.

Do tires have expiration dates? 

Yes, tires do expire. As tires are made from rubber, which is an organic material, they will naturally degrade over time. A tire expiration date depends on the amount of damage a tire takes due to heat, load, wear and tear, and more.  

That’s why Michelin recommends that tires are retired 10 years after the tire production date. Going beyond this precautionary limit may greatly reduce the safety and durability of your tires.  

How to check tire manufacture date? 

The markings on your tires store a lot of information. If you’re not sure how to read markings, we’ve created a guide on how to read tire codes. You can check the date of manufacture by checking the DOT code on the sidewall of the tire. 

What is a DOT code?  

The DOT code on your tire certifies that it meets the U.S. Department of Transportation’s safety standards. To find your tire production date, check the last 4 digits of the DOT code. The first 2 digits designate the week, and the last 2 digits show the year of production. 

date code

So, for example, if the tire date code is 4714, that means the tire was manufactured in the 47th week of the year 2014.  

Is the tire production date important? 

Yes, it is important to know how to check tire manufacture date, since the DOT code can help you identify whether the tires are within the 10-year limit. The tire manufacture date can also help determine how many years you have left in the tire warranty. All Michelin tires have a full 6-year warranty, which you can read more about here

However, the DOT numbers aren’t as important as the number of years the tires have been used. A tire that’s been in use for only 1 year can have aged as much as an unused tire kept in storage for 10 years. In fact, it can be dangerous to focus only on when your tire was made, since it makes you overlook several other issues your tires might have. 

How do I know if my tires are safe to use? 

When deciding whether to change your tires, don’t just rely on the DOT code. There are several factors that are crucial to tire safety and performance that can’t be read from the tire production date.  

Always check the condition of tires before installing them on your car – even if they’re less than a year from the tire production date. Make sure that your new tires haven’t degraded due to heat, poor care, or incorrect storage. Tires should always be stored properly in a dry place out of direct sunlight to avoid cracking or loss of shape.

Is there anything more important than the tire production date?  

The tire’s physical condition always matters more than the tire production date. Depending on your local climate, road conditions, and how the tire was stored and installed, your tires can give you several years of safety on the roads.  

When looking for tires in Philippines, always make sure you’re also getting proper tire care, installation, and maintenance. Routinely inspect your tires for damage and observe your tread depth. Tire markings can tell you a lot about when a tire has had too much wear and tear, and needs to be replaced. 

What should I prioritize when getting new tires?

While it’s good to know how to check tire manufacture date from the DOT code, you should always:  

  • Maintain tire pressure 
  • Ensure proper alignment  
  • Inspect regularly for damage 
  • Measure your tread depth 

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