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Correct track pressure

Correct pressure enables optimum performance levels to be achieved.
The pressure should be set at ambient temperature and depends on the tyres you have chosen to mount on your motorcycle:

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For riders competing with the MICHELIN Power Performance range, Michelin’s technical teams can provide on-the-spot advice on adjusting tyre pressure depending on:

  • Air/track temperature
  • Track abrasiveness
  • The rider's level of skill

Use of tyre warmers:

MICHELIN Power Slick Evo, MICHELIN Power Cup Evo and MICHELIN Power RS tyres are designed to have a short warm-up time: use of tyre warmers is not mandatory.

When using tyre warmers, the pressure set at ambient temperature before the first ride should be the same as without tyre warmers.

Using tyre warmers makes it possible to reach operating pressure more rapidly. In no cases does the use of tyre warmers make it possible to start with a lower pressure. The main aim of using tyre warmers is to reach the optimum operating pressure faster to save on warm-up time at the beginning of the ride.

Tyre warmers should be used with temperatures of between 70°C (cold surface) and 90°C (hot surface) for at least 1 hour before the first ride.

In cold conditions, tyre warmers should not be set to too high a temperature. The colder it is, the lower the temperature of the tyre warmer should be in order to avoid the situation of tyres cooling down while riding. Tyres that cool down while riding can skew the rider’s perception of actual performance levels.

If tyre warmers are used with the MICHELIN Power Rain, they should be adjusted to temperatures of between 30°C (cold surface) and 50°C (hot surface).

These pressure recommendations are given for track use. For road use, the manufacturer’s  tyre pressure recommendation applies. With track tyres approved for the road, or road tyres for occasional track use, it is essential to ensure that tyre pressure is returned to the correct level for road use following use on the track.

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