How to choose scooter tires

Choosing scooter tires can be a difficult task if you don't know how to go about it.

What are the most important criteria to consider? Do you need special tires for an electric scooter? Read our guide to find out.

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3 main criteria for choosing your scooter tires

1 - The grip

Safety first! When you get on your scooter, you need to feel confident, in wet or dry weather, on bends or straights. That's why the first criterion we advise you to consider is grip. From a safety point of view, scooter tires that can provide optimum grip on both dry and wet surfaces will of course be crucial to your purchasing decision.

And while grip is important in all weather conditions, it is also important when it comes to road conditions. In urban use, for example, you will naturally want to avoid slipping when driving on wet cobblestones or on humid metal plates in construction areas.

The MICHELIN City Grip 2 is in this sense an ideal choice as it offers excellent safety on both dry and wet surfaces for urban and road use, achieving remarkably short braking distances in the wet.

How to choose scooter tyres?

2 - Longevity

Longevity is an important criterion because it implies a double benefit. Indeed, the longer your scooter tires last, the less you will need to change them. This not only saves money, but also reduces the amount of waste for the planet and therefore helps to preserve the environment.

At Michelin, long lasting performance is at the heart of our concerns. It is a guiding principle that enables us to provide a range of tires whose performance and safety are maintained over time, right up to the last kilometre.

3 - The look

If the look of your scooter is important to you, this should also be a factor in your purchase decision. Some scooter tires will be more in harmony with the design of your scooter, especially with their tread pattern.

sporty scooter

Sporty scooter tires

Do you have a maxi scooter with a stylish and sporty design?

Then you can opt for the MICHELIN Pilot Road 4 SC or the MICHELIN Pilot Power 3 SC. This scooter tire has a semi-slick tread pattern that will perfectly match the sporty look of your scooter. It will also be an asset for easy turn in and good lean angles with high grip levels.

Retro scooter tires

Have you fallen for a retro scooter in the tradition of the legendary two-wheelers of the 50's?

A traditional tread pattern design would then be a wise choice to give your scooter a retro look. The MICHELIN S83 is a perfect example of this. But this scooter tire, ideal for fitting on 8 or 10-inch wheels, was not only designed to give your retro scooter a retro look, it was above all developed to meet your expectations of safety and grip.


Tires for electric scooters

city grip saver

How about electric scooter tires? If your scooter is electric, we advise you to look for a scooter tire that is specially designed to save your battery. Tires with a lower rolling resistance are excellent candidates for this purpose and will allow you to cover more kilometres.

At Michelin, lower rolling resistance does not mean less grip! MICHELIN City Grip Saver, specifically developed for electric scooters, is a tire that offers both maximum grip for your safety even on wet roads and low rolling resistance to optimise your battery life.

And while MICHELIN City Grip Saver is an ideal electric scooter tire, it is also a good choice for a petrol scooter as it will allow you to optimise your fuel consumption in this case.

Scooter tire sizes

Of course, it is necessary to check that the scooter tire you are interested in is within the manufacturer's approved sizes for your vehicle.

How to find your scooter tire size?

There are two places where you can find the size of the tire to be replaced:

  • The easiest is to look at the sidewall of your scooter's tire where the size is always marked
  • Alternatively, you can consult your scooter's user manual. It also shows the manufacturer's approved sizes for the front and rear wheel.

Front / Rear Tire Size

The front and rear tire sizes may be the same or different depending on your scooter model. Be sure to check that the front or rear tire you are about to buy matches the required sizes.

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