Motorcycle tyre repair: is my tyre repairable?

Motorcycle tire repair: is my tire repairable?

Nothing is more frustrating than being far from home or a garage with a punctured tire. Can your motorcycle tire be repaired? If so, how can it be repaired? Our answers in this article.

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Can motorcycle tires be repaired?

In some specific cases, it is possible to repair a punctured tire on a motorcycle. But it is unlikely that you will be able to make the correct diagnosis yourself.

Why? Firstly, because you need to be able to access the inside of the tire. Secondly, because it takes the eye of a professional to assess its condition and determine the correct diagnosis.

Depending on the condition of your tire, he will either repair it or recommend replacing it. It is therefore imperative that you take your tire to a specialist as soon as possible so that he can draw conclusions about your tire.

Of course, it is difficult to show your tire to a professional if you are far from the next garage and your tire is flat! In this case, it comes down to one of two things:

  • You have a motorcycle tire repair kit: if you manage to identify the puncture, use your kit to temporarily repair* your tire so that you can get to the nearest garage.
  • If you don't have a motorcycle repair kit: you need to have your motorcycle towed to the nearest garage. Usually, a call to your insurance company is all that is needed to get a breakdown mechanic involved.

If the tire bead is damaged (if it comes out of the rim), we advise against a temporary repair with your kit. Have your motorcycle towed away by a breakdown service.

The motorcycle tire repair kit

In a motorcycle tire repair kit, there are usually wicks for temporary repair of a motorcycle tire. To patch a punctured tire, the wick is inserted with a tool from the outside, so that the hole is sealed. The spray can, usually included in the kit, is then screwed onto the valve and the tire can be re-inflated.

flat tyre

It is important to know that this type of repair can only be temporary. Firstly, because a wick inserted into the tire in this way does not guarantee a complete seal. Secondly, because driving after a puncture without having the inside of the tire checked by a professional is a major safety risk.

The motorcycle tire repair kit and its contents are only a temporary solution to enable you to drive to the nearest professional so that he can diagnose your tire.

Perhaps you are wondering how a tire is repaired in a sustainable way?

This is precisely what we will explain in the following paragraph.

How is a motorcycle tire repaired?


Mushroom tire repair (PRP)

The most effective repair, when possible, is the "mushroom" repair, also called PRP.

The name of this accessory comes from its mushroom shape: a stem fits into the hole to prevent air circulation and a flat part at the top seals the hole from the inside.

This is the most effective repair as it prevents air from escaping the tire, but also water, dirt and any other external elements from entering the hole. It requires access to the inside of the tire (unlike the wick, which is inserted from the outside) and must therefore be carried out by a professional. The professional follows specific steps to make the repair both effective and durable.

repairable zone

Repairable areas of the tire

The repairability of a motorcycle tire depends on the puncture area.

A tire is only repairable if the hole is in the T-zone shown in the diagram, i.e. about three quarters of the tread.

This area excludes the edge of the tread and the sidewall of the tire where a repair would not hold.

The limits of tire repair

Other criteria for determining whether a tire is repairable are the speed rating, the diameter of the puncture and the number of repairs.

Speed rating

Maximum hole diameter

Maximum number of repairs

< VR

6 mm



3 mm


The table above indicates that :

  • It is not recommended to repair a motorcycle tire more than twice
  • A tire with a speed rating below VR can be repaired up to a maximum puncture diameter of 6mm
  • A tire with a speed rating of ZR can be repaired up to a maximum puncture diameter of 3mm

When you get a puncture, your tire can suffer other damage than the puncture itself.

For example, if you continue driving for some time after you have a puncture, this can lead to mottling on the inside of the tire, making it more fragile.

In practical terms, this means that the cords that structure the tire inside the rubber have been badly deformed. A visible mottling inside the tire indicates that these cords have become hot. In this case, the professional will not advise repair because the tire has become dangerous to drive on.


Tire sealant kit

Tire sealant is a type of gel that is introduced into the tire via the valve to limit the risk of punctures. When the tire rotates, the tire sealant spreads over the entire inner surface so that it is evenly covered.

The tire sealant kit can be used as a preventive or curative measure.

  • The preventive method is to spread the tire sealant when the tire is new in order to prevent punctures,
  • The curative method is to spray it through the valve to seal the hole after a puncture. Then the tire is re-inflated with a cartridge from the kit.

The qualities of motorcycle tire sealants can vary from brand to brand, as can the duration of their effectiveness. You should also be aware that evaporation phenomena due to heat require checking, from time to time, that the tire sealant has not dried out. If this is the case, it will be necessary to clean the inside of the tire and re-inject tire sealant to prolong the protective effect. For proper use, refer to the specifications of your tire sealant.

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