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Your choice for a safe ride, whatever the weather conditions!

  • Grip in wet conditions and even in the rain!
  • Performance made to last
  • Approved by one or several manufacturers 

Why choose MICHELIN City Grip 2 tyres?

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Silica-based compounds provide a very high level of grip on wet or slippery surfaces, including white stripes.

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Still a reference in longevity*, worthy of the Michelin brand!

*Wear performance measured by mileage  projection comparisons. Tyres used for front position are PIRELLI ANGEL SCOOTER 120/70 - 15 56S TL and MICHELIN CITY GRIP 2 120/70 -15 56S TL. Tyres used for rear position are PIRELLI ANGEL SCOOTER 140/70 - 14 REINF 68S TL, and MICHELIN CITY GRIP 2 140/70 - 14 REINF 68S TL.
Tests done with a mix of city streets and city surrounding roads, with YAMAHA XMAX 300. 

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Chosen by main constructors

MICHELIN City Grip family tyres are chosen by main constructors to fit all types of scooters: Piaggio, Honda, …

city grip 2
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July 4, 2021
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  • Dry surface grip
  • Longevity
  • Maneuverability
  • Stability
  • Wet surface grip
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I use this tires to my 2 motorcycle a d plsnning to use on my 3rd motorcycle and my cars

Awesome grip

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33 sizes available for MICHELIN CITY GRIP 2


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