• Custom Cruiser

Longevity and handling performance for cruiser, custom and touring bikes

  • Performance made to last
  • Good cornering performance

Why choose MICHELIN Commander II tyres?

Longer lasting 

The compound mix of the MICHELIN COMMANDER II tyre ensures long lasting performance. 

michelin photos commander2 victory judge cruiser 2015 ema0077

Handling and riding enjoyment

The Amplified Density Technology (ADT) of the MICHELIN COMMANDER II tyre ensures good handling and riding enjoyment.

michelin photos commander2 indian scout vintage cruiser 2015 ema0101

Innovative look

A radically different design for an explosive look. A premium finish on the sides for a seriously good-looking motorcycle tyre.

moto picto picto look pneu tyres
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17 sizes available for MICHELIN COMMANDER II

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