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Crystal Yee

S&R is a great place to bulk buy food and other necessities. aside from being a large grocery store, they also provide services such as a place to eat and order food. it is a good place to stop by or wait when either you finish sopping or wait for someone to finish shopping. sales happen and they are quite worthwhile especially when you're able to get a good deal on some products. however, the place is only for members. to become a member , you have to pay for membership and this is not a permanent membership, this has to be renewed over time. You are not allowed to borrow a membership card from a friend or even family member. the member themselves must be present (i personally experienced this). the products in here are mostly from abroad, mostly from the US. pros: big bulk in buying, you can find things not found here in our local groceries, almost everything is in a BIG size, they have good service and they have a place to rest and eat.they have really good quality on products. they also sell things like furniture, toys and electronics. also you cant really loose your children here because of the big yet simple layout cons: ITS EXPENSIVE!!! there are some products there that we can find in your local grocery at a decent price and size. small items are expensive and even the large sizes are impractical unless you have a large family to feed. it is impractical buying big things when you cant even finish it (then again its you money so you do you)

Niño Martin Pineda

Great place for imported products and good food. Only wish they had a greater variety of healthier food options, from both their menu and their grocery items, to balance all the high-sugar, high-fat food products.

Tyree Zander

A Costco like experience for those of you from USA. Bulk buying and great pricing plus some American options you won't get in regular stores here

Ralph Uy

If you think grocery is fun, this is the place for you. With lots of choices to choose such as daily needs, from detergents, drinks to foods. One great thing that you can do right here is to grab their enermous pizza after purchasing your daily needs. They also offer other foods that are rare to a typical Filipino 💓

cristine gomez

International and domestic goods are here. One thing youll love is you can also dine here while waiting for your companion to have check out the goods.
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