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Iam Straubrey

I like how cute their studio type condo there and its so accessible, the only thing that I don’t like about this place is their pool, I think they put a lot of chlorine and the pool isn’t so refreshing, me and my cousin just took photos and didn’t stay longer...

Jia Fajardo

From the entrance gate, the guards are really friendly! All of the staff are too! Even the neighborhood is warm and welcoming! The place is already established with no towers under construction. There is a court which boys uses to play basketball, pool is always visited by residents and it has sun loungers near it, the pavilion near the pool is really picturesque and it's a really cozy concept, there is also a small playground and all of it are in the center of the 6 towers. All of the amenities really targets residents from toddlers to retired citizens. If somebody out there is looking for a condo to buy or even just need to rent, this place is really perfect and worth it! 5 stars!

sim delorito

Nice place to stay . Convenient location, close to shopping mall .

Stephen Scherer

Great landing spot for foreigners if you are new to Davao City


A very nice place to stay in Davao City! Close to SM Davao Mall
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