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Philip Mayo

This place is great if you're looking for bulk shopping for your family. Prices are high if your used to shopping at the regular Philippine markets. I'm a member of Sam's club in the USA and this store is just like it. I go there to get beef and cheese which is hard to find at the regular markets and supermarkets. You can buy chicken wings and pork in bulk there cheaper than at the market and Pure Gold if you have the refrigerator and or freezer space to keep them. They have hams there now for Christmas and new year. They have frozen french fries there in bulk they have fresh veggies and salads and they have a huge selection of TVs and refrigerators, microwaves, popcorn makers, clothing, toys including bicycles , charcoal and gas grills, tools, etc. They have candy, cereals, mustard, pickles, pasta, chips, crackers, etc. When you're finished shopping you can eat pizza, burgers and fried chicken there. The pizza is absolutely delicious with many different toppings including Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple, and a shrimp pizza! The fried chicken is delicious also and they have bottomless sodas too! I love it!

Rafael Balindong

Guards and door staff can be a pain, as the case in every branch of this chain. There is a clear and pathetic attempt at forcing people to shop for groceries first before being allowed to buy at their fastfood restaurant, as the way to access it is only through passing the cash registers. Great selection for imported snacks and liquor, not much in the way of canned and frozen goods. Prepare to pay, at most, near double for every item. Parking is free, though could be quite a distance and will depend if its on or off peak times


Close place to shop wholesale goods, the prices might be expensive but the quality cannot be replaced. Helpful Staff and Security Personnel. It has secured parking, has a tire shop for your car needs and has an American Style eatery.

Audrey Rose Mariano

They have less products but I love how it feels clean here whenever we visit.

Luey Ver Antonio

Meat and liquor sections are the best places for me! The meat area is clean and liquors are real! lol
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