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Cyril Brossard

Fresh food is limited to vegetables and fruits. The seafood section is wanting (incorrectly labeled items and doubtful state of freshness e.g: Philippines clams). The rest of the products are perfect if you have a big family or running a business. They cover basics from appliances, TV, to car detailing products, outdoor materials , pet and house cleaning chemicals, canned food from the states, Australia and other, frozen meat and fish. Not necessarily cheaper than other local department stores.

Ceeping It Real

NOT AN AMERICAN STORE ANYMORE! It has become just a regular store with LOCAL products. I have been requesting for several years now for items that they always used to carry but no response from them. The manager writes down my requests and phone number but no one ever calls me. Never. My name is written dozens of times in their book—no call back ever. This might be the first year in 10 that I don’t renew my membership. I can just shop at the supermarket. At the very least, answer the phone because it is a customer calling. Why do you no longer carry Kirkland brand baby wipes? The Member’s Select are horrible quality compared to the Kirkland brand. And no more Kirkland brand frozen meatballs? And no more frozen all beef Franks? And no more Hormel frozen bacon or Tilapia fillets? And no more Kirkland brand laundry soap? Members Select laundry soap fades my colors. And no more Campbell’s Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup? You haven’t had these in years now! These were the reasons I bought a membership every year. At least respond to your customers request and I’ll change this review.

Guinevere Gonzales

Of course you can't enter eithout a membership card but you can tag along with those who have it. After shopping, you can enjoy NY style pizza for a fair price and good ice cream. Sadly, the unlimited soda is not from the Coca-cola company anymore so I'm not that excited about the unlimited drinks.


Large area and tons of products to choose from. Offers great savings on most of the imported goods. I love their baked goods. It's one of the reasons we frequent this place. :) The entrance to their parking building is causing traffic in the 32nd ave (outermost lane, towards EDSA). They should improve their process of checking cars entering their parking to avoid any inconvenience to other motorists.

Che EH

A place where you can find most imported bulk goods at a very low cost if you have big budget. 😉 Its more like grocery store from other country. Items here are far diferrent from our local stores. ✌
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