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kitokato otakotik

The place is unique as expected from Ayala malls, it's quite enjoyable to stroll around and to window shop. But to warn everyone else that if it's the peak season, I recommend not going there because it tends to get crowded and stressful (especially to those who brings their own car) the traffic flow sometimes is unbearable but arriving there will be worth of your time because of the wide range of food selection. Another reminder that I strongly require is that always bring an umbrella upon coming to Ayala malls Solenad, because of its structural scapes, it is subdivided into somewhat different parts that when it rains you'll end up getting stranded from that place that you're in to. So please if you know that the weather's a bit trippy, might as well consider bringing an umbrella to save you from the hassle

Carmela prado

I like this place as we always go here for parking and bike wash after our training. Nuvali is popular among bikers, runners, and triathletes for training in the vicinity. Less traffic in the residential areas. I would give it a 5 if the toilets are better managed and.

One Discovery

It is a beautiful shopping town along a beautiful lake. We have an exotic atmosphere and delicious food, so it is recommended to visit with family and lovers. It is convenient to visit because it is on the way to Tagaytay. It is a great place to take pictures because it is an outdoor park. I am happy if you have a pleasant weekend here.

Maybelle Libres

If there are no traffic to go this place, I would come more often. I love the feeling of freshness, coolness, relaxing, happy, fun, and romantic at Solenad. It's perfect for family, friends, partner and pets hangout spot. movie | games | shop | pet | foods


Hey you, hear me out, I'll give you my honest personal opinion regarding this place. Don't come here mate. This place is beautiful, while it doesn't have every brand you can think of, it definitely has everything essential to you, and thats just the tip of the iceberg my friend. It's too good in here, good restaurants, good theater, good appliance stores, my friend it has anything you can think of, believe me. No it doesn't have an adult store, you're nuts for even thinking that. Now my five star rating of this place wouldn't matter at all until you see the whole place for yourself, doesn't matter if you make the mistake of going to solenad 1, 2, or 3. They're all decent places. The only killer of the mood here is that its gonna be tiresome for the people who don't like to move or can't move as much as the young lads. But for your convenience, there are a lot of public seats in here. There are also seats outside these restaurants so you can sit out there for a while, if they want you off of their table, you tell me and I'll make sure I review them. Now who would bother reading through all of this, still wondering why I told you to not come in Solenad? My dear friend, this place is peaceful compared to SM Sta. Rosa- the lack of people even surprised me, you should've seen my face. Let me make myself clear, I'm just a civilian like you and I don't write professional reviews. That means I don't filter myself. Those reviews that gave this place 4 stars and less? Get outta here! Perfectionists. Wait I'm sorry I don't intend to pick up a fight on the internet. Anyway, seriously I couldn't even, I didn't want to write a review about this place because I don't want people to hear about this treasure. But it deserves it, so there you go. Keep this between you and me dear reader. I'm sure the owners of this place wouldn't want their business to lose money, but well if only I could keep the whole place for myself. Top notch. I'm wasting my ample time here for no reason so leave a like for the +A efforts. Subscribe to Gloria Borger.
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