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textile 24

Very convenient. Wide spacious aisle. Many imported items not found in other. Delicious American fast-food

Ceeping It Real

NOT AN AMERICAN STORE ANYMORE! It has become just a regular store with LOCAL products. I have been requesting for several years now for items that they always used to carry but no response from them. The manager writes down my requests and phone number but no one ever calls me. Never. My name is written dozens of times in their book—no call back ever. This might be the first year in 10 that I don’t renew my membership. I can just shop at the supermarket. At the very least, answer the phone because it is a customer calling. Why do you no longer carry Kirkland brand baby wipes? The Member’s Select are horrible quality compared to the Kirkland brand. And no more Kirkland brand frozen meatballs? And no more frozen all beef Franks? And no more Hormel frozen bacon or Tilapia fillets? And no more Kirkland brand laundry soap? Members Select laundry soap fades my colors. And no more Campbell’s Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup? You haven’t had these in years now! These were the reasons I bought a membership every year. At least respond to your customers request and I’ll change this review.

Ray Hogaboom

A membership store here in the Philippines. That imports a lot of products from the USA. Like Costco or Sam's club in the USA most of the stuff is in large size package. If you looking for small package or bottles not much of a slection. Shopping carts are huge but walk ways are narrow. Making it difficult to pass another cart.

Mike Caritativo

Delish! garlic shirmp pizza.BoOm!! Oh and there is grocery with everything

argie Demetillo

i bought salmon head with tag price of 179php for buy 1 take 1 promo and its already 2kls. that is why i was impress with the promo and i actually asked the lady who took over the fishes if its true that if it's really for only 179php for 2 plastic of head salmon and she said yes, in fact, she repeated what i told to her "opo mam 179 dalawang plastic na po yan", but when i got home, i found out that the price i expect to pay is just 179php and when i saw the receipt it's 240php. Although, it was still cheap but they have to be relevant in terms of displaying the price and they need cooperation in between of cashier and other staff specially if they have promos and discounts inside the store to avoid lapses of service.
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