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Scott Webster

This is a membership store. It's the Philippines version of Costco. I was able to find a lot of American food and drinks here that I was having trouble finding elsewhere. There is also a good selection of items. My big finds were cereals, cheeses, and condiments. They have the little food court too.

Abe Yumul

Helpful crews, good parking spaces, generally polite customers (although you might encounter unexpected trivial issues from time to time). Good and patient customer service staffs. The food Hall area would have been better but due to lack of space, is crowded during peak hours. Product quality is above average to say the least. Location is conveniently located if you're familiar with the roads.

Jaco Soler

I do some regular shopping here especially for fresh pork, beef and veggies. I stay away from the fish cause we got some bad stuff twice. They were also selling 5 inch lobster which obviously you cant eat and is irresponsible of them. A bit more expensive but convenient. Its not a full serve market as you need to stack you purchases at the counter, pack them and load to you car yourself. Unusual in the Philippines.

Rei Barcelona

Know what? Come here during their sale and you'll say I gave them the correct rating. You can get all you need here. Ranging from appliances, to baking needs, to silverwares, to toiletries, to meat, veggies, drinks and even gadgets! Most importantly, they offer imported goods! You can also take a break to have a quick meal from their American Menu and all-you-can-drink soda! Nice place to enjoy shopping.

Albert Joriz Nardo

They got everything you need except for regular-sized Snickers Bars! They got the mini ones, the 1-yard ones, but no regular ones and that makes me sad.
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