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era the explorer

They have good wine deals from time to time. They have a wide selection of fresh fruits and veggies. Sometimes if I'm craving for some foods that I used to eat in the states, I would go here but I find the taste kinda different. I'm not quite sure if it's just my taste buds though. weird

Aion Prometheus

Their food court is my go-to place for my favorite pizza in the metro. $11.50 can get you a gastronomically satisfying 18" pizza & a large drink. That said, shopping here is almost always a breeze, what with conveniently located products, aisles with enough space to fit two or more of their Western standard shopping carts. Great deals in items unavailable in your standard grocery. Cashiers are courteous and helpful and parking is free. That's always a plus in a city as unforgiving as Manila.

Judd Wind

It is a membership club and good place to get groceries. Checkout cashier I went to was slow to punch out people. There was a growing queue of shoppers. It is for this reason one star is out.

Ceeping It Real

NOT AN AMERICAN STORE ANYMORE! It has become just a regular store with LOCAL products. I have been requesting for several years now for items that they always used to carry but no response from them. The manager writes down my requests and phone number but no one ever calls me. Never. My name is written dozens of times in their book—no call back ever. This might be the first year in 10 that I don’t renew my membership. I can just shop at the supermarket. At the very least, answer the phone because it is a customer calling. Why do you no longer carry Kirkland brand baby wipes? The Member’s Select are horrible quality compared to the Kirkland brand. And no more Kirkland brand frozen meatballs? And no more frozen all beef Franks? And no more Hormel frozen bacon or Tilapia fillets? And no more Kirkland brand laundry soap? Members Select laundry soap fades my colors. And no more Campbell’s Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup? You haven’t had these in years now! These were the reasons I bought a membership every year. At least respond to your customers request and I’ll change this review.

Chit Abueg

Senior discounts for new food items were not updated in their cash register. They had to manually compute to arrive on the correct discount which took them more than 15 minutes to solve.
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