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Ry Mantatao

Great Finds. All-year sale :p may mga Outlet Store. Love it!

Ramon Binamira

SM Sucat is about 8km from where we live. We usually go to SM Bicutan, which is more convenient for us (6km), but if we happen to be in the area, then SM Sucat is, well, just about the same. Same shops, same stuff for sale. When I go on my weekend bike ride out of town and if that ride happens to be heading south out of Manila, then we usually meetup at building B entrance.

Maxinious Black

The expansion of the mall is fantastic! It's layout is better than before. I guess the downside there was that they aren't using the building that's connected to them. L

Dale Martirez

It's a pretty small mall but what gets me surprised about this place is that it can actually get really packed on weekends. There isn't much to do, it basically provides all the essentials so whatever you need, it's probably there, unless it's something highly specific. Overall a pretty good mall, lucky for those who live near by.


Alot of renovations has been made so far it's good. But we miss the big area in the previous SM Hypermarket and department store before it was renovated.
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