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Enrique Godinez

Went in due to my brake was so deep and hissing. They started with brake shoe replacement which didnt fix the problem. Then they had me replace the brake master. I bought parts outside since their parts has a premium slapped on. After 6 hrs it didnt fix the problem told me the seiken branded part was faulty and i need to have it replaced. Turns out my original part was ok and they didnt bleed the brakes properly. A roadside mechanic did a better job than them.

Jose Antonio Manosa

Great place to go for almost everything. I live in Lipa, and I still find it worth it to go here because they do great work. Very trustworthy!!!


Fast & good service.

Roland P

Do not go to this place. They do not honor the agreement after the work is done. People here are dishonest. All they want is for you to put out more cash.

Nelson Chua

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