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Crystal Yee

S&R is a great place to bulk buy food and other necessities. aside from being a large grocery store, they also provide services such as a place to eat and order food. it is a good place to stop by or wait when either you finish shopping or wait for someone to finish shopping. sales happen and they are quite worthwhile especially when you're able to get a good deal on some products. however, the place is only for members. to become a member , you have to pay for membership and this is not a permanent membership, this has to be renewed over time. You are not allowed to borrow a membership card from a friend or even family member. the member themselves must be present (i personally experienced this). the products in here are mostly from abroad, mostly from the US. pros: big bulk in buying, you can find things not found here in our local groceries, almost everything is in a BIG size, they have good service and they have a place to rest and eat.they have really good quality on products. they also sell things like furniture, toys and electronics. also you cant really loose your children here because of the big yet simple layout cons: ITS EXPENSIVE!!! there are some products there that we can find in your local grocery at a decent price and size. small items are expensive and even the large sizes are impractical unless you have a large family to feed. it is impractical buying big things when you cant even finish it (then again its your money so you do you)

Myles Tobin

I love shopping here. If you are a Canadian or an American it is very similar to Costco. As a matter of fact they carry many Kirkland brand products. They carry a great selection of products you can't get at typical Filipino grocery stores.

Al Urbano

It's ok, way to high in price, some items you can find at any other big supermarket and cheaper, but I must admit if you want some descent cuts of meat this place is good, has USA and NZ beef and lamb. Few other items you can only find here, so yeah it's good.


If you are into bulk orders of imported groceries, then S&R is definitely for you. I have been to this place quite a few times already and the joy of shopping doesn't get lost in me. It is amazing to see big packaging of some common grocery items that we don't get to see in local grocery shops like a big gallon of fabric conditioner, a pail of laundry detergent, or a liter of mouth wash. This shop also offers some rare and discounted items. On special occasions, they give additional discounts or sells items with bigger discounts than they regularly do. My mom's favorite from this store is their cake. It is moist, tastes delicious, and has no icing. Additional variety on some items could help elevate shopping in S&R.

Ed Jhann Lu

They sell top quality meats. For steaks it is worth to buy the Meltique rib eye that has 5 slabs of marbled meat in it for 1400 pesos. Other meats are also top quality. They also have a very wide variety of wines and liquors. Even their pastries are good.

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