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    What size do you need?


    To stay safe, choose a tire size that is compatible with the original vehicle specifications.

    Use our tire calculator above and:

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    - Choose the "search by size" tab instead if you know the size you need.

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    Although we strive to cover all your needs with MICHELIN Total performance, automotive tires are tuned to perform best in specific driving conditions.

    Narrow the options. Use the filters at the left of the list:

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    - Select your driving needs (Sporty handling? Smooth luxurious ride?)

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Browse by Vehicle Type

Browse tires that are appropriate for your vehicle.


Proven balance of long wear life, comfort and traction. These tires give owners of SUVs and Crossovers the right balance of performance, safety and luxury.

Passenger Car

Whether on the highway or around congested city streets, these passenger car tires offer an exceptional combination of safety, long-lasting tread wear and fuel-efficiency.

Light Trucks & Vans

Great combination of wear life, durability, toughness and grip. The right tires for the owners of Light Truck looking to get the job done.

Browse by Driving Style

Comfort & Luxury

Ride in comfort and silence knowing you and your family will be safe


For operators requiring reliability and longevity to help deliver best return on investment


Tires with toughness and dependability to ensure you are safe when off the beaten track

Browse by Product Family

Have a specific tire name in mind? See all tires in each product line here.

Pilot Sport

Our legendary collection of ultra-high performance tires to give you enhanced driving sensations on everyday roads and competitive tracks.


Comfort-orientated line of luxury performance touring tires to ensure you arrive safe and sound.


For the energy conscious, this line of products provides you with outstanding fuel efficiency.


The Michelin range that's specifically designed for the needs of crossover SUV vehicles.


Our light-truck and SUV tire collection that gives you robustness and durability.


Our commercial and light truck tire range to give business owners return on investment, reliability and longevity.

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