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Michelin Agilis

Michelin Agilis

MICHELIN Agilis tyres offer higher mileage, and are stronger for professional use 1.

Michelin Agilis
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Michelin light truck tires are the best performing tires in the world, and are the perfect choice for your truck, van or auto.

With a myriad selection that encompasses every working vehicle ever built, our tires evolve from strict and extensive testing in real world conditions. Our tires undergo a punishing regime where performance is analyse and improved. Regardless the road – from rough muddy back roads to stony tracks, Michelin light truck tires provided unmatched performance and flexibility.

Michelin’s dedicated research centres also ensure the tires are long-wearing to provide thousands of kilometres of use, with performance that never drops off regardless of its use. Our specially produced tire carcasses combine robustness with flexibility: our tires can handle any load and still give you a safe, comfortable and quiet drive. Our tires also have sidewall reinforcements to prevent nasty kerb punctures. Michelin’s range of light truck tires will fulfil your entire working criterion. Michelin is the right choice.

Besides testing them in punishing conditions, our tyres are also hard wearing, giving you thousands of kilometres of use, with optimum grip that never drops off regardless of your uses. Our patented processes produces a tyre carcass that is sturdy enough to carry any loads your truck may have, while at the same time is supple enough to deliver a drive that is comfortable and quiet. All of our light truck tyres are produced with sidewall protection to make sure nothing gets in your way.

Our tires are tough and versatile, and will take anything the road or terrain throws at them. Built to perform, they make sure you don’t worry about tires when tackling rough tracks.

Michelin’s range of light truck tires is wide-ranging, especially when you factor in the variety of vehicles Michelin cater for. However, our convenient Online Tire Selector tool provides you with all the relevant information at your fingertips. Selecting the right tire for your van, truck, pickup or auto is straightforward and stress-free.



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