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"I am an engineer and a professional driver. When I started to test drive the best cars with the best tyres at Michelin, it was like Christmas!"

What is a tyre tester’s job: day in day out, to push cars and tyres to their limit on the track in order to test and improve them.
Location: Based in Clermont-Ferrand, France but travels regularly to test tyres on some of the best tracks in the world.

Jerome Haslin, Chief Tyre tester. With MICHELIN since 1992.

"I didn't see it as a driving test so much as a confirmation of my excellence."

Title: Topgear’s guru
What’s his job: to try out and express his opinion on the most incredible cars.
Location: Based in London, UK.

Jeremy Clarkson, Jeremy was our guest blogger in May 2014.

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BMW M5 Under Pressure

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