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Welcome to Michelin Philippines.Our tires are well-known throughout the world for their performance, reliability and safety. Borne out of the relentless pursuit of technology and innovation, Michelin are the quality tires made especially for you and your vehicle.

In our efforts to continually improve our tires and ensure our customers get only the best from Michelin, our tires undergo stern quality controls. Michelin research centers subject all our tires to a punishing and stringent test that mimic real world conditions and road surfaces to ensure Michelin’s final product stands up to the rigors of daily driving. We develop tires with our customers in mind, and all our efforts in research and testing ultimately benefits you, the customer.

Despite our renown for producing performance-enhanced tires, Michelin doesn’t overlook other aspects of tire technology: we produce special compounds to prolong tire wear to thousands of kilometres; specially produced tire carcasses ensure a smooth and quiet drive; and our tires dig into the road and lay down greater braking forces to lessen stopping distance; and our superior grip works just as well in the wet as the dry. We are proud to include as some of our customers car manufacturers, rental car fleets, government bodies and public transport – a testament to the quality that Michelin is famous for. Our tires are made to take daily driving abuses and keep on performing.

With over a hundred years of producing tires, Michelin knows a thing or two. An important and intrinsic component of your vehicle, tires are often overlooked. Michelin makes sure your tires perform all the time every time. Michelin research centers across the globe often test and produce special local market tires that reflect the local road conditions and surfaces. We leave no stone unturned.

Michelin’s Online Tire Selector tool is a dexterous and versatile tool that helps in aiding you with the right choices. Michelin’s range of tires is extensive, and you can select your correct tires using the make, model and engine size options. Not only can you select your right tires, the tool is brimming with information regarding Michelin’s innovative tire technology.

Our efforts to reach out to our customers mean our network of authorise tire dealers spans across the Philippines archipelago. With our handy Online Tire Dealer tool you can easily select your nearest tire dealer. Our excellent levels of service mean you will have a stress-free and professional experience with any of our tire dealers.

It’s time to make the right choice.



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